List of 7 Great WordPress License Plugins In 2022

This article will suggest the top 7 should-try WordPress License Plugins In 2021 for you to choose from. Now. let’s discover! Why should you install WordPress License Plugin? It cannot be denied that using WordPress License Plugin is the best way for you to generate and keep control over your license for each digital product. […]

Top 7 Powerful WordPress Scanner Plugin in 2022

It can’t be denied that WordPress Scanner Plugin plays extremely an important role in protecting your site from a ton of threats such as malware, trojans, backdoors, worms, viruses, shells, spyware, and much more. These unwanted threats are harmful to your website because they will steal significant information on your website, or even take over […]

List Of 9 WordPress Security Plugins In 2022

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Top 10 WordPress Anti-spam Plugin In 2022

If you have been involved with the internet for quite a while, we are sure that you are familiar with spam. They are meaningless and unnecessary data found on the internet. Although they might be beneficial for the spammers, they can bring a negative impact on your website.  To help you fight back spam and […]

Top 7 Must-have WordPress GDPR Plugin In 2022

As you know, GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. If you own a WordPress site, then you need to pay attention to these rules and follow it. If you don’t, you could be fined. Therefore, we are here today to provide you Top 7 Must-have WordPress GDPR Plugin In 2021 The Stunning factors of […]

9 Elegant WordPress Anti AdBlock Plugin In 2022

You have your own business or you are a blogger, you want to introduce your product through advertisement, but viewers find it annoy and use Adblock to block your advertisement. What can you do? Today we bring you the best way to deal with this situation is by using  WordPress Anti AdBlock Plugin. This plugin […]

Top 8 Must-see WordPress Plugin Detector In 2022

Do you know what is the most effective way to detect and plugins of any sites? The answer is using WordPress Plugin Detectorto to do that. However, to select the best one, you need to know detailed information about each plugin. Therefore, we would like to give you the top 8 amazing WordPress Plugin Detector […]

8 Effective WordPress Block Country Plugin In 2022

These days, there are a lot of WordPress Plugin to Block Countries on the market, you really do not know to choose what is the best? Therefore, today, we bring us a list of 8 effective WordPress Block Country Plugin In 2021 that we pick up. This collection consists of the top-notch plugin for you! […]

List of 10 WordPress Checker Plugin In 2022

These days, checking the site turns out to be rapidly and advantageous if you use WordPress Checker Plugin. Nevertheless, there is a wide scope of WordPress Checker Plugin available, which makes you feel confounded to pick. Getting this, we choose to list the top best WordPress Checker Plugin In 2021 that is a successful and […]

Top 8 Must-have Secure WordPress Plugin In 2022

These days, most of the WordPress websites have to deal with problems of security. They always worry about being hacked and damaged. In order to detect this problem, installing a Secure WordPress Plugin is a great solution. Thanks to it, you can feel safe because it is protected effectively. In this collection today, we provide […]