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Online Shopping places an essential part of human daily life. As a result, there are a lot of stores that have been rosing dramatically, which makes people confused and doesn’t know what should they choose to form a website. With the reliability, below are the top 15 WordPress Online Shop that can assist you to discover new ones. Are you going to create an online website? Below is the top 15 WordPress Online Shop Theme to help you make an intelligent decision.

What can you get from WordPress Online Shop Theme?

WordPress Online Shop helps promote your business with

  • A stylish and professional design
  • A perfect online store
  • Pleasant site

Why don’t you check it out now?

Top Awesome WordPress Online Shop Theme

1. TPG Detox

One of the benefits websites support well for you is Fresh Juice WordPress Theme. This WordPress Online Shop Theme provides customizable features that facilitate you to use it easily.


  • an amazing look
  • fresh green look and proper content organization
  • using customizable features

2. TPG Pastry

If you are a sweet tooth and you want to develop a bakery website so Bakery WordPress Theme is the best choice for you. Using the best technology of WordPress Theme, this site is promising to bring you stylish layout, good looking image.


  • a best appearance
  • more other amazing features

3. TPG Coffee

Another popular food website for you is Beverage WordPress Theme. Not only helps you save your time by using the live demo, but this site also suggests more ideas to develop your website.


  • a stylish and professional design
  •  full customizable

4. TPG Xmas


With the sweet and eye-catching design, WordPress Christmas Theme makes you satisfied. Another benefit is this site is suitable for any PC screen size and you also can use it on mobile devices.


  • the latest web technologies
  • many great features

5. TPG Clothes

Look at quickly on this site, you have impressed the layout of the content. Clothing WordPress Theme supports you work smoothly and perfectly so it is easy to use.


  • a perfect online store
  • a fashionable and modern look
  • soft and elegant colors
  • a powerful framework with fully bootstrap
  • stylish and well-organized content layout


Shopage is the giant of online shopping. Just click this site and you will feel amazing with the variety of products such as music, cloth, accessory, … Also, you can have more categories to design in the way you like.


  • Promptly responsive
  • Various alternatives

7. VW Book Store

This is a perfect side with many different books in fields. It is easy to use especially since this site combines many features that make more opportunities for you to be creative.


  • Various alternatives
  •  Amazingly simple to utilize

8. Opstore Lite

It is the most popular e-commerce site for furniture. Opstore Lite is not only simple but it is also a new design that provides the idea for you to develop a flawless website thanks to the original layout.


  • For furnishings and inside designs
  • Simply intuitive interface

9. Storekeeper

If you are looking for a technical stuff website so Storekeeper is an excellent option. With the advanced features and more control over your content, this does wonder for you to make a list of items suitable for each theme.


  • Upgraded very much
  • Rich structure, broad usefulness, and fantastic client experience

10. ShoppingCart

This site in favor of items belongs to the woman so if you are going to open a website related to fashion, without regretting this is the best choice. Support you 100% from design, ideal, plugin. ShoppingCart doesn’t make you disappointed.


  • Beautiful theme
  • Well organized components

11. Di Restaurant

Di Restaurant is another popular e-commerce website. This site allows you to open a pizza or coffee that is great designs and ease of use.


  • Responsive, quick to stack
  • Adaptable

12. Zigcy Baby

If you want to make a fashion website for children so Zigcy Baby is the best choice for you. With the novelty and impressive structure that you are not afraid to develop a website.


  • Kid subject
  • Spotless and smooth structure
  • Classifications advancement

13. Morden Store

screenshot.png (1142×856)

Morden Store is all in rage for the e-commerce site, which provides a huge fashion product. Not only is free, this site support you can edit items by using the image, photo, text in your favorite to take the first step in small business.


  • Perfect and free eCommerce
  • Adaptable landing page format

14. Autoshop

Autoshop is the best e-commerce site. If you are looking for a website for scale so this site is the best choice for a platform for you. This site comes equipped with essential features, so you can be pleased.


  • Interpretation prepared and multilingually amicable
  • Pleasant site

15. Flower Shop Lite

This site is the best choice for you to create a flower website. Flower Shop Lite makes more themes that are suitable for the occasion so you don’t worry about website idea.


  • Interpretation prepared and multilingually amicable
  • Pleasant site


All the e-commerce sites with many different features allow you to free in creativity and support you more items in progress to construct your web.

I hope you can visit our site to get more free WordPress Theme and don’t forget to leave your comment. Thanks for reading.

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