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If you are running an e-commerce or blog website, you need to have a tool to allow you to limit access from under-age visitors. In this situation, the WordPress Age Verification Plugin is a wonderful choice for you. With this plugin, you can insert an age-gate which allow you to set a specific age for each content.

The advantages of WordPress Age Verification

Adding an age verification tool for your website to limit underage access with top WordPress Age Verification Plugin.

  • Choose to restrict an entire site or picked content
  • Select a substitute age on solitary substance
  • Exceptional and major
  • Incredible assistance

Let’s refer to our collection below and pick up the best for your site!

Top Must-see WordPress Age Verification Plugin

1. Age Verification

Age Verification connects with you to embed a spring up a window into your site page and consequently, you can understand what is the specific season of guests which is appropriate for seeing the substance of your site. Because of utilizing it, you can additionally adjust different highlights in your age checkbox.

Provided features:

  • Re-attempt your age insistence spring up
  • A treat that gets put something in a safe spot for 30 days
  • Fuse a spring up window
  • Check the age of the guest


  • Works correspondingly exactly as expected
  • Great
  • Fundamental and work

2. AgeVerify

AgeVerify is an unprecedented WordPress Age Verify Plugin. By using it, you can make an eye-getting site age affirmation. AgeVertify is in like manner incredibly easy to present, not long after specific methods you can use it with no issue. This module enables you to re-try in setting pages with various decisions.

Provided features:

  • Set treat length by hours
  • Sort list by various factors.
  • Give distinctive age affirmation procedures
  • Ability to incorporate brief substance
  • Change periphery and establishment concealing


  • Clear course
  • Clear and easy to use
  • Fantastic assistance

3. Age Gate

Age Gate enables you to set an impediment on an explicit substance which can be seen reliant on the time of customers. Additionally, you can moreover demand that your customers check their age on the page load with no issue.

Provided features:

  • Choose to restrict an entire site or picked content
  • Select a substitute age on solitary substance
  • License certain substance to not be age-gated under “all substance” mode
  • A solicitation that customers affirm their age on page load
  • Ability to incorporate custom customer experts for more surprising bots


  • Easy to use
  • Website improvement Friendly

4. Easy Age Verifier

Easy Age Verifier has been considered as remarkable among different WordPress age check modules these days. Despite having a couple of prompted limits, this module is without all around. It is an ideal response for issues that require visitors to verify genuine age to see the substance.

Provided features:

  • Offer catch snap to bear witness to age instead of entering number
  • Make and show message if the customer isn’t adequately evolved
  • Versatile verifier title
  • Ability to pick an explicit structure type.


  • Exceptional and major
  • Incredible assistance

5. Age Verify

Age Verify draws in you to permit your clients to state their age before they research your substance. Moreover, there is likewise an uncommon device that empowers you to pick the base age for your substance comparably as supplement an age-gateway among your substance and expected guests.

Provided features:

  • Join an age-portal
  • Authenticate their age before review the substance of your site
  • Choose a base age


  • Fundamentally phenomenal
  • Clear module
  • Fundamental Integration

6. Agy – Age verification for WooCommerce

Agy is an excellent Age request module for WooCommerce which is amazingly easy to set up the works equivalently as changing the structure. By using this module, you can bar unequivocal posts, pages, or things from the aged door with no issue. Also, it attracts you to show the age entry only for your non-enlisted customers.

Provided features:

  • Evade unequivocal posts/pages/things from the Age Gate
  • Occupy failed logins to a fated page
  • Use a couple of portion mode for additional explanations
  • Let customers confirm their age on page visit
  • Join your own logo and set a novel puzzle locale
  • Show the age entryway only for non-enrolled customers


  • Versatile kind blueprint
  • Web progress kind
  • Impeccable module

7. WordPress Responsive Age Verification

WordPress Responsive Age Verification is another age check WordPress module that you can look at. Website architecture improvement welcoming is what this module concentrated on; besides, it gives you full control of visitors to your webpage page by setting age impediments. A decent module that you shouldn’t abandon a colossal chance!

Provided features:

  • Ability to change text and shades
  • Use CSS to make customizations
  • Immaculate with both adaptable and work zone
  • Made courses of action for irrelevant SEO sway.


  • Easy to use
  • Responsive
  • Lightweight

8. Easy Marijuana Age Verify

Essential Marijuana Age Verify is an incredible module that connects with you to confine ages that are express for every guest of your site. By utilizing this module, you can present and run this module feasibly just immediately. Clear Marijuana Age Verify comparably works decently on different sorts of areas, for example, WooCommerce shopping canisters, cannabis cultivators, online journals, etc.

Provided features:

  • Join discretionary genuine disclaimer text.
  • Meeting treat foils the spring up from repeating
  • Can square set apart in clients
  • Turnkey course of action
  • The fullscreen isolated window starts
  • Foggy dull foundation thoroughly upsets the view
  • The spring-up window can’t be blocked


  • Fundamental and clean
  • Limit admirably
  • Uncommon Plugin

9. Age Verification for eCommerce

Age Verification for eCommerce offers you an ideal reaction for you to impede underage plans and sometime later can follow the most recent FDA, state rules, and government. Additionally, this module also permits you to manage age certification with the target that you don’t need to check clients in a manual manner.

Provided features:

  • Modules for all major eCommerce stages
  • Flexible API for custom mix
  • ~95% second confirmation rate
  • Charming with FDA, government, and state rules
  • Volume limits accessible
  • Manual ID attestation
  • Alter least age
  • Debilitate attestation for client or thing get-togethers
  • Reducing chargebacks and fake requesting


  • Incredible module
  • Outstanding


This is all of our collection today! We hope that it is useful for you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible. Besides, do not forget to visit our free WordPress Theme to get a more beautiful design for your website!

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