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WordPress Table Reservation Plugin is a magic tool that supports your customers to book tables simply.

Nowadays, there are many restaurants with high quality and service. Those are the competitors with your restaurant. Therefore, let’s beat them and attract more customers to your restaurant with Collection Of 5 WordPress Table Reservation Plugin 2021. So, let’s explore now!

Free Booking Plugin for Hotels, Restaurant and Car Rental

Firstly, we will begin this blog with Free Booking Plugin for Hotels, Restaurant, and Car Rental. This module can deal with café and food bookings for uncommon events like Valentine’s day, date evenings, family parties, and business meals. In this manner, how about we see what highlights it has now!


  • Booking entries are categorized into Active, Inactive, Pending and Trash
  • Guests will receive emails when their reservation is confirmed
  • Automatic sorting to pending entries
  • Easy integration into posts/pages
  • Paypal ready
  • And more…


  • Fully responsive booking forms
  • Easy install and use
  • Customizable

ReDi Restaurant Reservation

The second choice for you is ReDi Restaurant Reservation. Above all, this module is a fully automated reservation system. Thus, it will check real-time available seats with instant reservation confirmation for your customers. In addition, you can use it to manage all a restaurant’s reservations, not just those coming through online.


  • Setup maximum available seats
  • Ability to open times
  • Support for multiple places
  • Email template customization
  • Language translation ready
  • and more.


  • A lot of options
  • Good work
  • Great plugin.

Thirdly, Menu Ordering Reservation is likewise a brilliant device that you should attempt. In other words, it is truly straightforward and consistent to start fabricating a food requesting administration. Further, there will be alarms when the requesting application isn’t reachable and subsequent meet-ups consider when the café staff isn’t taking the orders.


  • Visual, drag and drop online menu editor
  • Customizable sizes, choices, and add-ons
  • Data auto-fill for returning customers
  • Real-time confirmation
  • Cash, online payments
  • and more.


  • Simple to use
  • Wonderful widget.

Restaurant Reservations

Another module you shouldn’t miss is Restaurant Reservations. In other words, this is a renowned WordPress Table Reservation module that permits your customers to book their tables from your site. Besides that, it can modify all warning messages, and date and time designs.


  • Quickly confirm or reject a booking
  • Add booking form to page, post
  • Take bookings for multiple locations
  • Automatically block bookings
  • Notify a customer by email
  • And more.


  • Work great
  • Easy to configure
  • Lots of features.

Webba Booking

The last module that can present to you an incredible encounter is Webba Booking. Most importantly, this module is utilized for clients to book tables online as well as for other expert appointments. For example, they are health and excellence booking, clinical booking framework, exercises booking, schooling, and exercises booking, and so forth Moreover, it additionally causes you to send some email warnings to the clients on booking.


  • Basic mode for the fast and simple booking process
  • Extended mode for advanced time search
  • Editable date and time format
  • Users local time in time slots
  • Form for one or multiple services
  • Group services by categories
  • And more…


  • Fully translatable and multilingual
  • 100% responsive
  • Effective

Wrap Up

To sum up,  what are you waiting for? Let’s try Collection Of 5 WordPress Table Reservation Plugin 2021 to choose the best one that meets your requirement now! Further, don’t forget to make your site become more eye-catching with Free WordPress Themes.

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