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The top 6 impressive WordPress Note Plugin will help you create beautiful notes on your WordPress site easily!

Nowadays, WordPress Note Plugin is considered one of the most effective ways to list any necessary information. Besides that, this tool also has the ability to attach an image, audio, or video to a note,  customize the font style, font size, font color, and background color of notes, and much more. Therefore, in today’s post, we will recommend a list of 6 nice WordPress Note Plugin to meet your demands. Let’s take a look.

WP Dashboard Notes

First and foremost, we might want to suggest the WP Dashboard Notes module which is one of the best in the present assortment. This module permits you to make notes for your site. By utilizing it, you can plan many astounding notes to brings clients incredible encounters. Likewise, you can list notes or normal notes just as add limitless quantities of notes as per your motivations.


  • Colored notes
  • List notes or regular notes
  • Add as many notes as you like
  • Drag & drop list items
  • Not save button needed!
  • Public or private notes
  • Edit on dashboard


  • Nice plugin
  • Very useful and essential
  • Simple and perfect


Also, this is an easy-to-use and simple to-utilize WordPress Note Taking Plugin that allows you to make notes for your page, items, and posts for your WordPress administrator. Moreover, this module empowers you to pick which kinds of presents to initiate. In addition, you can likewise deactivate it and kill it without any problem.


  • Choose which post types to enable
  • Make notes on a post, page
  • Hit the Save Settings button


  • Perfect
  • Very useful
  • Awesome

WP Notes Widget

Thirdly, WP Notes Widget is an effective answer for you. This module permits you to embed notes for your posts, pages just as some other post you need. Moreover, it likewise allows you to dispose of all Web Rockstar marking and callouts in the WordPress administrator. Numerous other amazing highlights are incorporated into this module.


  • Note Categories
  • Shortcodes
  • Insert notes in posts, pages
  • Order notes in ascending or descending order
  • Ability to remove all Web Rockstar branding


  • Really well done
  • Very useful
  • Looks Great

Plugin Notes Plus

Module Notes Plus gives you an extra section so you can utilize it to embed, alter, or kill notes about the modules that you introduced on a solid site. Besides, you can likewise choose a symbol for each note with the goal that you can communicate content rapidly.


  • Add as many or as few notes
  • Edit or delete notes as desired
  • Format notes using basic HTML tags if desired
  • Convert any links included in the note
  • Notes are added and updated via Ajax


  • Must have plugin
  • Nice job
  • Essential plugin

Simple Post Notes

If you are searching for a powerful device to adjust the Note title just as add an assistance text for the editors, Simple Post Notes is an ideal decision. As its name, with a straightforward and simple to-utilize plan, you can likewise orchestrate note sections in the posts table and show the notes on the interface wonderfully through a shortcode.


  • Simple note section on the post edit screen
  • Shortcode which will display the note on the front end
  • Ability to change the “Note” title
  • Add a help text for editors
  • Sortable note column in the posts table
  • Bulk / Quick edit support


  • Very useful plugin
  • Great support
  • Awesome

Notes Widget Wrapper

Notes Widget Wrapper is likewise a valuable module that we might want to make reference to in the present post. This module empowers you to show the content in a hand-composing style. In addition, it is likewise totally viable with most WordPress gadgets. On account of this module, you can erase all Web Rockstar callouts and brands in the WordPress administrator board as simple as pie.


  • Default Shortcode Settings
  • Shortcodes
  • Use note wrappers in posts, pages, and other post types
  • Remove all Web Rockstar branding and callouts


  • Awesome
  • Very fine plugin
  • Responsive


That is all today’s collection. We hope that this post will be useful for you and don’t hesitate to leave a comment if you have any questions. By the way, you can also visit our free WordPress Themes to enjoy a lot of high-quality plugins. Let’s access and experience right now!

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