Since broken links can have a negative impact on your site rankings as well as the visitor experience, it’s critical to avoid them. This is the reason why we bring you a collection of WordPress Redirect Plugin to help you check for and replace broken links for your site.

What are the reasons of install the WordPress Redirect Plugin?

Using the best WordPress Redirect Plugin to properly redirect customers to the relevant pages on your website if having broken links.

  • Works with WordPress Nav Menus
  • Target URL can be to another WordPress page/post
  • Deals URL can be a full URL way or the post or page ID
  • Simple to utilize and introduce
  • Lightweight and unfathomably practical
  • Stunning help

Let’s take a look!

Top Excellent WordPress Redirect Plugin

Quick Page/Post Redirect Plugin

On the off chance that your site has broken or erased pages and affiliations, this module will assist you with diverting them to the new page you picked. It can add various types of redirects. Additionally, the module goes with two divert functionalities.

Provided Features:

  • Works with WordPress Nav Menus
  • Target URL can be to another WordPress page/post
  • Deals URL can be a full URL way or the post or page ID
  • Elective Screen to set by and large supersedes
  • You can set a diverted page or menu thing to open in another window


  • Keen and easy to add
  • Important
  • Work sensibly


The second outstanding sidetrack modules in WordPress CMS is likely Redirection. By virtue of the high handiness of the module and its free accessibility, it infers more than 2,000,000 downloads. Besides, it is absolutely useful with the most recent sort of WordPress. Look at it!

Provided Features:

  • Suitably immediate 301 redirections, screen 404 blunders
  • All those URLs can be diverted, aside from destroyed pages or broken affiliations
  • There is full help for common clarifications
  • Can encourage demand restricts and even pass them through to the objective URL
  • Commonsense with PHP from 5.4 and more current


  • Simple to utilize and introduce
  • Lightweight and unfathomably practical
  • Stunning help

Simple 301 Redirects

The third module we ought to suggest is Simple 301 Redirects. Regardless, this is a simple to-utilize instrument that basically manages the 301 divert type. Additionally, it is an extremely supportive WordPress divert module and is critical in changing regions or hosts of your site.

Provided Features:

  • Manages 301 redirection type
  • Open-source programming
  • Advancing toward affiliations will be impeccably passed along
  • Their PageRank will be passed nearby them


  • Inconceivably obliging and simple to utilize
  • Incredible
  • Decent module

Safe Redirect Manager

The fourth diver in the assortment is Safe Redirect Manager. It outfits you with fundamental divert settings inside your WordPress dashboard. In addition, you can make custom divert leads and select a divert type yourself. By virtue of the unmistakable and safe utilization of this module, it is reasonable notwithstanding, for adolescents.

Provided Features:

  • HTTP divert boss
  • A simple to-utilize UI
  • HTTP status code
  • Work excellent on multi-site
  • A spot for notes on the divert


  • Trademark crashes
  • A splendid other decision
  • Remarkable module

SEO Redirection Plugin

Another divert module you should try is SEO Redirection. It licenses you to add and manage 301 crashes your WordPress site with no issue. Moreover, it in like way causes you find and fix 404 and delicate 404 goofs by arranging into Google Search Console. Look at it!

Provided Features:

  • Really add 301, 302, and 307 redirections
  • Supports secret weapon redirection
  • Import/Export join
  • Adding the last access time and full scale hits to the redirects
  • You can divert organizers and all their substance


  • Neighborly
  • Absolutely responsive
  • Grand

404 to 301

404 to 301 is a fundamental WordPress divert module. It licenses you to divert your 404 stumble pages to any site page or custom affiliation. Also, this module goes with a log chief that teaches you by infers in regards to email cautions about essentially all that is going on your site.

Provided Features:

  • You can divert goofs to any current page
  • You can set custom divert for each 404 way!
  • Not any more 404 screws up in your site. Truly!
  • Understanding orchestrated!
  • You can then again screen/log all mistakes
  • Keep an essential separation from ways from blunders


  • Planner pleasing
  • Simple to utilize and introduce
  • Basic yet amazing

Easy HTTPS Redirection

This module will help you ordinarily set up a redirection to the HTTPS sort of a URL when anybody tries to get to the non-HTTPS change. From now on, you can decide to have the whole site, with all pages, be diverted to the HTTPS variety of the site, or a couple of pages to be diverted.

Provided Features:

  • Auto diverting the whole locale name
  • Auto diverting various pages on your site
  • Convincing weight static documents like CSS, js, and pictures utilizing a HTTPS URL
  • No doubt


  • Strong
  • Dazzling module
  • Absolutely responsive

Equivalent Mobile Redirect

Equivalent Mobile Redirect is an uncommon module that will see cells and divert the client to a comparable flexible page as set in the meta box that is added to your page and post screens upon initiation. In addition, it likewise goes with an assortment of stunning highlights monitoring things for you.

Provided Features:

  • Limitless conceivable page/post redirects
  • Set flexible URL in meta box on each page/post
  • Decision to divert blog list in settings
  • Choice to divert tablets as minimized or not
  • Complete minimal zone library


  • Adaptable neighborly
  • As a rule steady
  • Extraordinary help

Attachment Pages Redirect

Attachment Pages Redirect is a situation based WordPress divert module. It has no settings page and works consummately with three conditions. Furthermore, the module goes with a wide degree of fundamental highlights. Look at it!

Provided Features:

  • Adds a 301 divert to take the clients to the parent page accordingly
  • Parent post is destroyed from junk
  • Not run for destroyed affiliations
  • Moreover, that is only a brief look at something bigger


  • Essentially build up
  • Easy to utilize
  • Utilitarian


This is all of our collection of WordPress Redirect Plugin today! We hope that it is useful for you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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