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As you know, by default, WordPress will use Gravatar to showcase an avatar in WP blogs and websites. Besides, it also provides users an easy way to create a custom avatar for them via the help of WordPress Avatar Plugin. Therefore, in order to help you pick up the best one for your site as well as save time when you customize an avatar, we give you the top best WordPress Avatar Plugin.

What are the good points that WordPress Avatar Plugin brings to you?

Using the top WordPress Avatar Plugin to set up a custom avatar on your website.

  • Wonderful features in the settings
  • Accelerate
  • Easy to use
  • Incorporate your own study
  • Contribute a fix
  • Help to decide a current issue

Let’s refer to our blog and make your own decision!

Top Useful WordPress Avatar Plugin

1. WP User Avatar | User Profile Picture


WP User Avatar engages you to use custom images moved through Gravatar and any photo moved into your Media Library as an image. Moreover, you don’t need to adjust an image. It suggests that you can use the relative uploader similarly as the library as your posts with no extra envelopes.

Provided Features:

  • Basic Upload and Capture helpfulness
  • Keep Avatars in Custom Folder
  • Easy to adjust image estimations
  • Use Webcam to get Avatar in a brief moment
  • Keep Avatars in Media Manager
  • To say the least


  • Wonderful features in the settings
  • Accelerate
  • Easy to use

2. Simple User Avatar


If you are finding a remarkable WordPress Avatar Plugin, here is a unimaginable response for you. By using it, you can allow your customers to install similarly as eradicate his image direct from his own media library.  Simple User Avatar is totally easy to use with no extra handiness required.

Provided Features:

  • Unravel the life of WordPress customers
  • Incorporate Avatar using pictures from Media Library
  • Eradicate image from the media library


  • Simple to use
  • Lightweight module
  • Have precisely the expected impact

3. Avatar Manager

This WordPress Avatar Plugin is a clear and neighborly customer module that engages to store images locally. Also, by virtue of letting your customers select between using Gravatar and a self-encouraged image picture from their profile screen, Avatar Manage helps to improve your WordPress destinations. Likewise. it moreover improves your work procedure, make an image that you need.

Provided Features:

  • Incorporate your own study
  • Contribute a fix
  • Help to decide a current issue
  • Propose including profoundly
  • Make a blessing


  • Rich straightforwardness
  • Pass on faultless execution
  • Works faultlessly

4. WP First Letter Avatar


WP First Letter Avatar grants you to set custom images without Gravatar and the image will be the essential letter of the customer’s name. This Plugin involves a great deal of stunning, splendid letter images in various sizes and even PSD group. By delivering new file near default envelope and following the naming show from the default, you can make your own image set.

Provided Features:

  • Wonderful, splendid letter images
  • PSD format
  • Bring more shades
  • Incredibly light and ultra-high bore
  • Prepared to comment on your posts
  • Sets custom images for customers without Gravatar


  • Speedy as light module
  • No doubt a future-proof module
  • Crazy straightforward and impeccable foundation

5. WP User Avatars


WP User Avatars enables your customers who enrolled to pick and move their own image reliant on your need. This WordPress Avatar Plugin similarly works uncommon without nay conflicts.

Provided Features:

  • Move their own images
  • Select their image


  • Work perfectly
  • Wonderful module

6. Letter Avatars


This WordPress Avatar is a module that licenses customers to set custom images without Gravatar. Letter Avatars will be the essential last of a username or email and all letters will be given by your subject literary style.

Provided Features:

  • Works wherever
  • Works with BuddyPress
  • Extraordinarily great
  • Lightweight
  • Works with YITH Reviews for WooCommerce


  • Fast and included assistance
  • Works on CSS premise
  • Lightweight and Elegant Solution

7. WP Custom Avatar



WP Custom Avatar is a fundamental yet impossible module that can connect with you to adjust your default picture on your site continually. You can in addition plan it sufficiently by access to Appearance and some time later pick a changed menu that is on your regulator menu. In the WordPress Avatar district, you can also move the custom picture photograph.

Provided Features:

  • Change the default Avatar in your site
  • Move the Custom Avatar picture in the WP Custom Avatar region
  • Explore to Settings > Discussion menu


  • Limit respectably
  • Crucial and extraordinary module
  • Significant help

8. WP Avatar


WP Avatar is an amazing WordPress Avatar Plugin that engages you to use any photo which was moved into your Media Library. Furthermore, this module in like manner gives you an ability to change default image similarly as delete old pictures if you move another image in a modified way.

Provided Features:

  • Move the image picture from your PC
  • Pick an image from Media Library
  • Allow anyone can move an image
  • Incredibly oust old picture
  • License change default image


  • Important
  • Extraordinary work

9. Author Avatars List/Block

Author Avatars List _ WordPress.org

Author Avatars List/Block grants you to show courses of action of customer images or assembling by customer employments on your areas in a straightforward way. Also, you can in like manner incorporate single images for blog customers or each email address into a post or page and show a photo of someone you are talking about. By embeddings a device, you can incorporate image records into your sidebar or your posts/pages.

Provided Features:

  • Limit the amount of customers showed up
  • Show a custom title
  • Adjust the size of customer images
  • Show a custom title
  • Simply show express customer social events
  • Also, anything is possible from that point


  • Stores of decisions to channel and sort images
  • Join and reject the substance with no issue
  • Designer warm


This is all of our collection today! We hope that it is useful for you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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