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Get the best WordPress Watermark Plugin to protect your work effectively!

Are you finding a plugin to watermark your images and your works? This collection can help you pick up the most suitable one. Below is a list of top 9 must-have WordPress Watermark Plugin that enables you to insert your own watermark including text, logo, or icon to bookmark your owner. In this way, you can feel safe and avoid being stolen from your work.

1. Signature Watermark

Signature Watermark gives you a decision to introduce a watermark for the entire of your photographs which are moved into WP Media Library. In addition, this WordPress Watermark Plugin makes you help direct substance watermarks including size, straightforwardness, and versatile stowing endlessly. You can in like way get the capacity to deal with the closeness of your watermark adequately.

Provided features:

  • Adaptable JPEG Image Output Quality
  • Most stunning Watermarks
  • Truly Apply Watermarks to Images Previously Uploaded
  • Absolutely Adjustable Text and Image Watermark Positions
  • Lifetime Priority Support and Update License


  • Simple to utilize
  • Terrific assistance
  • Work sufficiently

2. Scissors and Watermark

Scissors and Watermark attract you to implant various functionalities for your WordPress pictures, for instance, resizing, turning, and cutting them. Moreover, this module relatively gives you an ability to help your image watermarking in a changed and manual manner.

Provided features:

  • Solidify changing, resizing, and turning regard
  • Changed resizing of pictures
  • As such resample pictures to the referenced size
  • Improve the irrefutable picture quality


  • Five start and top decision
  • Work fine
  • Astounding module

3. DMCA WaterMarker

DMCA WaterMarker grants you to enable watermarking for a particular facilitator on your blog, for instance, the image envelope. Also, this module furthermore engages you to implant a DMCA security Badge for your WordPress site. It in like manner makes you shield your blog’s substance and photos from made corruption reasonably.

Provided features:

  • Associate with watermarking for a specific envelope
  • Shield your blog’s substance and pictures from shaped turning
  • Add a DMCA Protection Badge to your site


  • Beneficial module
  • Easy to use

4. watermark

Here is a crucial at any rate marvelous WordPress Watermark Plugin. As you no vulnerability know, the watermark is put on your photographs through a htaccess and PHP record with the objective that your photographs can not be changed. Along these lines, in case you present this watermark plugin on your site, you can clear the watermark for all or any photos that you need.

Provided features:

  • Remove watermark on all photos
  • Make a htaccess record in your exchanges list.
  • Work just with JPG records


  • Rich strategy
  • Perfect module
  • Astounding

5. Watermark RELOADED

Watermark RELOADED gives you an ability to watermark the photos that you moved. Also, you can similarly create your own watermark with different shades and content styles. After that you can apply them for different picture sizes, for instance, medium, thumbnail, colossal or full size. This watermark module also allows you to put watermark at any place and you can get a second audit of what they resemble on the moved pictures.

Provided features:

  • Watermark cloudiness
  • Content watermark with factors
  • Move time choice to kill the watermarking
  • Picture watermark
  • Watermark establishment concealing
  • Content watermark with chart
  • A ton also shocking features


  • Direct and incredible
  • Work mind blowing

6. Image Watermark

Image Watermark

gives you an ability to watermark the photographs which were moved to the WordPress Media Library in an adjusted way. Moreover, you can use this module to mass watermark moved pictures beginning at now. This WordPress Watermark Plugin in like manner gives you 3 approachs to apply watermark size, for instance, incredibly, scaled, and unprecedented.

Provided features:

  • Mass watermark
  • GD LIbrary and ImageMagic support
  • Picture fortification handiness
  • Decision to remove watermark
  • Adaptable watermark position
  • Watermark picture audit
  • Set watermark balance
  • Also, anything is possible beginning there


  • Significant and central module
  • Reliable
  • Work perfectly

7. Watermark WP Image Protect

This is a productive WordPress Watermark Plugin that urges you to make a watermark for the total of your photographs in authentic time. Watermark WP Image Protect allows you to apply content watermarks for all locale correspondingly as set substance, hiding, foundation, and substance style of your watermark. It in like way shows the limit so as to apply watermarks.

Provided features:

  • Change, reposition or clear all Watermarks
  • View Image Statistics
  • Apply content watermarks to the total of your site
  • Set the substance, abstract style, disguising, size, and foundation
  • Conclude edge to apply watermarks
  • Bar specific pictures


  • Very beguiling
  • Work impeccably
  • Reasonable module

8. Smart Watermark

Smart Watermark gives you a decision to implant a watermark for pictures that you moved. By using it, through mass getting ready instruments, you can install a watermark for your old pictures. This module moreover gives you an ability to channel your image size from least width to least height.

Provided features:

  • Live audit
  • Specific watermark decisions for each medium report
  • Restore to firsts
  • Watermark position
  • Watermark offset
  • Picture expanding channel
  • WordPress picture size channel
  • Straightforwardness support
  • In like manner, that is only the start


  • Heap of features
  • Work unbelievable

9. Easy Watermark

Easy Watermark interfaces with you to implant a watermark for your photographs when you move them to your WordPress media library. The image watermark can be a JPG, PNG, or GIF. Moreover, this module likewise engages you to watermark your melodic improvement pictures in a manual way: you can choose to watermark at the same time or every single picture.

Provided features:

  • Full assistance for straightforwardness and alpha channel
  • JPG and GIF records and substance can have littleness set
  • Content watermark is made using TTF content styles
  • Content covering up, size, and upset can be set
  • All inalienable picture sizes can be watermarked
  • Module can make picture fortifications and licenses to restore pictures


  • Pack
  • Incomprehensible module
  • Shocking system


This is all of our collection today! We hope that it is useful for you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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