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WordPress plugins lists are often about security plugins or plugins related to image or website optimization. They are serious and in some cases crucial to the performance of the WordPress Website as a whole. That’s quite alright. But what about the more out there WordPress plugins?

There is a time and place to be serious and a time to be a bit looser and have fun!

Allow us to present to you our list of humorous and fun WordPress plugins:

Custom Ratings

The screenshot is taken from:

With the Custom Ratings plugin installed on your site, your visitors will get to have fun rating your content using custom rating icons. For example, if you run a cafe, why not let your customers rate the quality of your lattes using a cup of a coffee icon? Or let homeowners rate your building services using hammer icons? Or gym members rate your training facilities using weights? You get the idea…

Custom icons are uploaded to your WordPress media library. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce products and can be used for custom post types. You can also configure settings like which post types to display custom rating icons in, specify the position of the ratings in your content, and customize style icon elements using built-in CSS or your own.

That’s a great way to spruce up your visitor’s rating system if you are running a blog or article-based website, which could definitely make use of an enhanced way to upvote/downvote content on the page.

Wapuu Avatar

The screenshot is taken from:

Wapuu is the official mascot of WordPress Japan. Wapuuvatar lets you add Wapuus as your site avatars. The best reason for using this plugin? For fun and for the love of Wapuus.

Wapuus can trace their start to 2009 at the WordPress WordCamp Tokyo after-party. Matt Mullenweg asked Japanese users for ideas to promote WordPress in Japan. One suggestion was to make a mascot in Japan for WordPress.

At the time, Firefox already had the popular Foxkeh mascot. So the Japanese WordPress community thought it was time for Japan to have its own mascot as well. Matt was excited about the idea, even though Japanese admins thought he was, quite frankly, kidding around with them.

The Wapuu character was unveiled on February 19, 2011, at WordCamp Fukuoka and on this blog post. Back then Wapuu still didn’t have its name but media related to it was already showing up, gaining rapid popularity.

Wapuu is so well-loved that the little guys’ end showing up everywhere for both WordPress lovers and collectors. Why shouldn’t you have your own Wapuu in this case? We certainly think that you might as well!

Worthless Plugin

The screenshot is taken from:

Although this plugin developer has developed a number of useful and worthy plugins, Worthless Plugin is truly and totally worthless.

Worth it? Nah… totally worthless plugin! There’s really nothing useful about this plugin. Install it if you want a good belly laugh, hearty chuckle, or half-hearted chuckle, but be warned… the excitement won’t last for quite long after that.

You’ve been warned!

RPB Chessboard

The screenshot is taken from:

Do you play chess and blog at the same time? Then you will love this plugin. RPB Chessboard lets you typeset and displays chess games and diagrams in your posts and pages, using standard FEN and PGN notations.

One of the really cool features of this plugin is that users can click on a move to view the corresponding position in a pop-up window.

This is an ideal plugin for Chess lovers Worldwide and additionally another way for you to create engagement on your website pages.

Content Randomizer

The screenshot is taken from:

While it’s not necessarily a weird thing to show something random on your site (like a joke or an image or discounts or link roundup on a 404 page or whatever), if you think creatively, you can absolutely use Content Randomizer to make your users think that something definitely weird is going on — when in fact it’s going according to plan. With a simple shortcode implementation, you can dictate what pages you have random content to cycle between. Let’s say on April Fool’s Day, you have a deal that’s too good to be true. With Content Randomizer, you can literally make it too good to be true because the deal will never show up, and they will be taken to random pages on your site and see random content.

Have fun with this one, the potential is practically limitless in the way you can mess around with it. (And with your visitors! Don’t worry we won’t tell if you don’t.)


Hopefully, you’ve found as much fun as we have with these quirky WordPress plugins, that we have listed in this list.

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