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Nowadays, a consistently expanding number of customers will by and large book sevices and things on the web. Things being what they are, have you at any point considered about making a WooCommerce site with a booking system? You can join your WooCommerce things with booking or renting system and oversee it with WooCommerce Booking Plugins!

What WooCommerce Booking Plugins can do for you?

WooCommerce Booking Plugins help you with managing your booking stock without any problem.

  • Sponsorship for morning enlistment
  • Control your reservations by hours
  • Change the booking time stretch
  • Snappy to set up
  • Clear Installation
  • Immaculate with a gigantic piece of subjects and structures

Explore it!

Top Useful WooCommerce Booking Plugins

1. Pinpoint Booking System

Woocommerce Booking Plugins 4

With the assistance of Pinpoint Booking System, your clients can without a through and through basic stretch hold a spot on your site. This module partners with you to structure the schedule, plan a help, assemble a perfect booking structure. It is completely coexisted with WooCommerce, that enables you abuse the shopping canister, the particular section territories and the undeniable additional highlights.


  • Responsive booking plan
  • 5 sorts of receptiveness of days
  • Sponsorship for morning enlistment
  • Control your reservations by hours
  • Change the booking time stretch
  • Faultless with WooCommerce module
  • Also, the sky is the limit starting there


  • Sponsorship for multi vernacular
  • Can be enough re-try
  • Unprecedented help

2. Opal Hotel Room Booking

Woocommerce Booking Plugins 9

Opal Hotel Room Booking is impeccable to make booking the board structure for lodging, inn, resort, home and that is only a trace of something more noteworthy. This module permits your client gobble up structure and book room online compassionate.


  • Checking/changing or destroying the extents of rooms
  • Let clients perceive data and look at
  • Make token, private key, fitting to pass on information
  • Fortify charge and unmistakable part passages
  • Web searcher revived
  • Besides, the sky is the limit starting there


  • Snappy to set up
  • Clear Installation
  • Immaculate with a gigantic piece of subjects and structures

3. Booking Addon for WooCommerce

Woocommerce Booking Plugins 3

Booking Addon for WooCommerce is our next proposed module for building Woocommerce things bookable site. You can utilize it for selling room, leasing room, lofts booking, classes booking, plan. Also, it licenses you to set number of hours and schedule for booking.


  • WooCommerce Booking Addon
  • Make any number of bookable things
  • Set cost dependent on people check
  • Days and Hours Options
  • Use with anything Type
  • Principle force the transparency by days and hours
  • Set Fixed or custom range type
  • Set date run ricker to pick start and end Date
  • Work with variable things
  • Cripple or interface with WeekDays
  • Feature booked/filled days
  • Partner with or cripple complete decisions
  • Besides, that is only a trace of something more prominent


  • Astounding highlights
  • Amazing help

4. WooCommerce Booking Bundle Hours

Woocommerce Booking Plugins 7

WooCommerce Booking Bundle Hours awards you to make, direct and selling reservation of any hour. On the off chance that you are filtering for a module that help you with dealing with a store of hours of any sort of connection, this module is an uncommon decision.


  • Purchase packs of time affiliations
  • Screen hours disregarding everything open and hours beginning late utilized
  • Selling and the booking
  • Join characteristics game-plans called “hours”
  • Set a cost and the particular for each and every arrangement
  • Pure and simple


  • Clean record
  • Surprising help
  • Simple to set up

5. WooCommerce Easy Booking

This dependable module will help you by picking a choice to harden thing for booking or leasing. Likewise, it will show detail data about your booking things, for example, start date/end date and figures another cost subject to an a smidgen at once, a little bit at a time, a smidgen at once or custom explanation…


  • Show booking or leasing things
  • Supervise stocks and accessibility
  • Supervise considering relying upon term
  • Set various costs relying upon dates or dateranges
  • Upset Dates to direct dates
  • Show the schedules and set the dates
  • In like way, the sky is the limit starting there


  • Simple to utilize
  • Head establishment

6. Bus Ticket Booking with Seat Reservation

Utilizing this module, you can make a prompt saving structure that utilizes WooCommerce for making piece. In like manner, it can run your booking relationship without making results on your WooCommerce things.


  • Unbelievable vehicle, request, boarding point, dropping point and assessing
  • Show booking utilizing shortcodes
  • Strengthen any WooCommerce package technique
  • Thoroughly enamoring vehicle course sparing works with various cost
  • Capacity to bring booking back
  • In addition, the sky is the limit starting there


  • All around sifted through with engineers
  • Strikingly portable
  • Simple to alter positions

7. Booster for WooCommerce

This is a surprising module which contains astonishing additional highlights for WooCommerce, and one of them is sparing section. It awards you to make booking things and administer them. In like manner, Booster for WooCommerce goes with different other stunning highlights for WooCommerce that you can dependably research figuratively speaking.


  • Add systems things to WooCommerce
  • Let your clients to propose their costJoin everything considered markdown
  • Call for Price
  • Change intentionally pitches things show up
  • Likewise, that is only a trace of something more noteworthy


  • A massive proportion of highlights
  • Extraordinary assistance
  • Fundamentally regarded

8. Booking Activities

Booking Activities is one of the essentially exciting WooCommerce Booking Plugins. It draws in you to structure your booking rehearses by typical. By then your clients can pick and book occasion/thing/relationship from your schedule.


  • Natural your exercises onto your strategy
  • Clearly produce your planning
  • Show a booking structure utilizing shortcodes
  • Set with your open WooCommerce things
  • Pick an occasion on schedule and book it
  • Get-together your occasions
  • What’s more, that is only a trace of something more prominent


  • A huge amount of highlights
  • Absolutely adaptable
  • Great sympathetic


We have recommended 8 supportive WooCommerce Booking Plugins for you. Come and try them to find the best plugin for your necessity. Moreover, if you like this post, please vote in favor of us!

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