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Run a successful live stream right on your site with the top best WordPress Live Stream Plugin!

Technology is rapidly becoming popular with a lot of users. By the Internet and available technology, making a live streaming video these days is very easy. Thanks to it, you can gain more interaction and exposure from your customers. Therefore, you are able to effectively connect to your audience by communicating with them in real-time. Understanding your need, today we provide you top best WordPress Live Stream Plugin and hope that thanks to this collection we can make your own decision quickly!

1. Embed Plus for YouTube – Gallery, Channel, Playlist, Live Stream

Embed Plus for YouTube allows you to embed Youtube live streams on your site. It will give you a link to a Youtube channel and then the plugin wizard will help you find a live stream automatically in case there is someone active in that channel and show it for you. In this way, you can embed a direct line to a Livestream too.

Provided features:

  • YouTube Live Stream
  • Improved ajax theme support
  • JavaScript deferral
  • YouTube gallery capability
  • Compatible with the WordPress Gutenberg block editor
  • iOS playback preferences
  • Shortcode support for embedding multiple videos on one line
  • General playlist embedding support
  • YouTube plugin migration support
  • And more


  • Great design and support
  • Work great
  • Useful

2. VideoWhisper Video Presentation


VideoWhisper Video Presentation is an electronic video correspondence module which is made for video get-togethers, preparing, online class, orchestrating, online made effort, etc. As a result of utilizing this module, you can connect with your different people to give live video at a relative room and a brief timeframe later offers reports together.

Provided features:

  • Custom parameters, a pack for each room
  • Welcome blueprint with a decision to support by email
  • Part reward
  • The contraption with online rooms
  • Configurable landing room
  • Vivified Slide Annotations
  • Transcoding for iOS HTML5 HLS
  • Spilled video record the board
  • Major present and update as WordPress module
  • BuddyPress pack rooms
  • Control all around access by occupations, ID, email, BP Group
  • People mode: dynamic/torpid/welcome in a way


  • Dazzling module
  • An amazing approach contraption
  • Simple to appear at clients

3. Free Livestream – Live Video Streaming with Hapity


Free Livestream gives you the capacity to pass on your messages by systems for a specific tick video spilling across online life structures. You can do it directly from your own WordPress site. Here is an exceptional live stream module for WordPress which is made for online video get-togethers, engineering, online courses, preparing, online assistance correspondingly as adroit live introductions.

Provided features:

  • Review your message with a singular tick video spilling
  • A specific tick Broadcasting
  • Free Video Hosting
  • You own all the substance you Livestream
  • Set up in under five minutes
  • Facilitated grants across electronic life channels
  • Contact Every Audience
  • Five Minute Set-Up


  • Simple to set up
  • Work exceptional

4. WP Video Enhanced

This WordPress Live Stream Plugin urges you to expand close by WP Player with new features adequately, for instance, Live Streaming, GDPR consent, HLS, M(PEG)- DASH, Logo, venturing, and so forth. What’s more, WP Video Enhanced also offers you a response for build up the nearby player and you can in like manner Configure Initial Volume once the player starts.

Provided features:

  • Logo and Branding
  • GDPR Consent
  • HLS Playback
  • Google Analytics Event Tracking
  • Introduce Button
  • Quality Switcher
  • Popup Display
  • M(PEG)- DASH
  • Live Streaming
  • Arrangement Initial Volume when the player starts


  • A particular need have
  • Amazing module
  • Amazingly lovely

5. WpStream


is a remarkable module for live spilling. Thinking about this module, you can stream live from the program or utilize the exceptional RTMP offer programming in a succinct manner from your activities, for example, air solo, GoCoder, Liveu, obs, and more. A free starter is moreover open with the target that you can attempt it before picking a choice to purchase the virtuoso perception.

Provided features:

  • Utilize unequivocal RTMP give programming
  • Review one of the accessible business spilling packs
  • A free starter is open
  • Stream live really from the program
  • Stunning with every single present day program and stages
  • Change your substance by setting up the WooCommerce module


  • Direct interface
  • Simple to utilize
  • Cool module

6. Stream

Stream plugin is a great WordPress Live Stream Plugin that will never leave you in a dull of WordPress Admin activity. Because of this module, any set apart in customer improvement is showed up in an activity stream similarly as sorted out major detaching by Role, User, Context, IP address, or User. It in addition supports a multisite viewpoint on all activity records on your structure and you shakes et pardon runs to ignore the particular kind of customer improvement.

Provided features:

  • Propose New Features
  • Report Bugs
  • Set evade rules to pardon unequivocal sorts of customer development
  • Live updates of customer activity record in the Stream
  • Section your Activity Stream as a CSV or JSON narrative
  • Convert into Your Language
  • Issue Pull Requests
  • Moreover, that is only the start


  • Skillful
  • Work shocking
  • Exceptional module

7. Agora Video for WordPress


Agora Video lets you sensibly solidify live meandering or video conferencing handiness to your WordPress posts and pages. You can purpose of actuality make and arrangement meandering aimlessly or correspondence channels through the WordPress Admin dashboard and introduce reliable exchanges with no coding required!

Provided features:

  • Live video spilling with Host UI gathering
  • Video calling with pack video talk UI plan
  • Cloud recording obviously to Amazon S3
  • Screen sharing assistance
  • RTMP support
  • Versatile UI
  • Versatile strategies and for the most part more!


  • Fundamental
  • Clear
  • Fantastically not too horrendous

8. S3Bubble AWS Protected DRM Video Streaming‎ 


Another WordPress Live Streaming Plugin which offers their organizations absolutely free. S3Bubble AWS Protected DRM Video Streaming‎ goes with different mind boggling features. You can develop your pay by to 60% by shielding your substance from being adequately downloaded.

Provided features:

  • AWS DRM Static Key security system
  • Great with all the contraptions
  • Offers VAST/VPAID publicizing
  • Support MP4, HLS Adaptive Bitrate, and DASH
  • Adjust with WooCommerce
  • Offer improvement search and rating structure


  • Easy to use
  • Remarkable module
  • Free

9. Flow-Flow Social Stream

Flow-Flow social stream is set up to use online life module. It is an ideal module for sharing on the web life clarifies objectives. The module goes with an eye-incredible course of action for social streams like Carousel, Wall, and others. This has a bewildering lightbox for picture appear. There is a genuinely strong system. Customers can use it for researching posts before dispersing.

Provided features:

  • Visual creator consolidated
  • Supports 16 sources including 14 social affiliations
  • WPML Compatibility
  • GDPR Compliant
  • CSS3 Animation


  • An eye-interfacing with affiliation
  • Interfacing with lightbox
  • Extraordinary module


This is all of our collection today! We hope that it is useful for you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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