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Here is the top 12 best WordPress Business Theme that any small business needs to know!

Nowadays, Business is all in rage and hot issues. This is the reason why younger people want to set up a website. There is a multitude of obstructions that you have met when building a business website. Therefore, this article allows you to solve your problem and have a flawless website in the first step. Below is the list of powerful WordPress Business Theme for you to check out.

1.TPG Appress – Free WordPress Theme


TPG Apress is a free business website for WordPress which you can make use of all amazing design. It also supports you to develop advertise and promotion so there is a little room double that this WordPress Business Theme is the best choice for you.


  • Modern
  • Elegant design
  • Well-designed
  • High-quality

2.TPG CoWorking – Free WordPress Theme


Another free business website that you need to consider is TPG CoWorking. When doing your job with TPG CoWorking, you have much more chance to discover all sorts of great amenities. Don’t hesitate and check it out.


  • Modern
  • Stylish design
  • Best quality of design

3.Hoot Business

screenshot.jpg (1142×856)

If you want ready to set up an interesting business website, this WordPress Business Theme can solve your problem. With only one page, this site has numerous content in a different structure that brings the novelty for your website.


  • Quick stacking
  • Interpretation and multi-lingual
  • Amazing gadgets

4.Ampe Business

screenshot.png (1142×856)

Rated as suitable for all types of business, Ampe Business is expected to create and help you develop a perfect business website. The modern and professional layout, logo, social menu.. are provided in this site supports you make your work easily.


  • Straightforward
  • Proficient business topic
  • Various areas


Cinder is a spectacular website. In addition, this WordPress Business Theme supports you much more categories such as business, food, interior design and travel, which allow you to develop a website in many fields.


  • A responsive subject

6.Business Form

For creative and marketing agencies or even professional individuals. This site has just only one page organize fully features that belong to marketing for you to develop a business website. Check it out without regret. In short, Business Form is absolutely the best choice for you.


  • Wonderfully planned
  • Make business

7.Biz Ezone

Biz Ezone is another perfect website for business. Moreover, this WordPress Business Theme has a beautiful home with full design. In fact, it equipped with sufficient resources and direct you on how to develop the website so this site doesn’t surely make you disappointed.


  • An advanced responsive
  • Effectively climb the google rank


If you already run a website that only focuses on business so Texton allows you to make it perfect. Above all, this WordPress Business Theme lets you use easy so this site is suitable for beginners. Let’s check out.


  • A carefully created
  • Blazingly quick
  • Amazingly light-weight
  • Web index amicable
  • Simple to utilize

9. BusinesStar

The most popular business website is listed BusinesStar. First of all, it is well-known with many attractive features as well as the idea for a layout. Besides, this site has 2 homepages that permit you to take advantage of design and be free creative followed your favorite. Make sure that you click it!


  • A multi-purpose
  • Practically unlimited options
  • Lots of features

10.Creative Business

screenshot.png (1142×856)

Creative Business is an outstanding business website. Like the brand-name, this WordPress Business  Theme makes you surprise about the creative idea. Furthermore, it also strongly supports you from layout to everything. Make sure that you don’t ignore this website.


  • A spotless, alluring, and proficient sites
  • Profoundly useful
  • An astounding choice

11. Business Hour


screenshot.jpg (1142×856)

No matter what kind of business website you would like to establish, you can do everything with Business Hour. As soon as you work with this site, you can create more websites on your hobby, for example, a business website, an individual blog, or a travel website whatever you want.


  • Straightforward
  • Proficient business topic
  • Appealing components
  • Adequate of highlights

12.Best Business

screenshot.png (1142×856)

When developing a business website so don’t ignore Best Business. Firstly, this WordPress Theme aimed at financial agencies and startups. Secondly, the best functional is simply to use. As a result, it is absolutely suitable for all of you. In conclusion, don’t hesitate and download it now.


  • In vogue
  • Helpful and clever
  • Incredible
  • Great business page


You have just discovered a collection of the most useful WordPress Business Template Theme. As you can see, each website template brings other various utilities. Whatever you choose, we believe you have the best choice. Besides, don’t forget to visit our free WordPress Theme to get more ideas for your website.

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