Are you looking for a tool that can help you build a glossary for your website? However, you are wondering because you do not know which plugin is suitable for you out of the thousands of plugins? If yes, then this blog may be useful for you. Now, we will provide for you Top 7 Wonderful WordPress Glossary Plugin In 2020.

Why WordPress Glossary Plugin is suitable for you?

WordPress Glossary Plugin is a great assistance that can help you creating a glossary for your site easily.

  • Simple and effective
  • Easy to use
  • Works well
  • Show highlight color with a transition effect
  • Select glossary index page, by default
  • Show tooltips animation effects

Let’s check it out!

Top Should-have WordPress Glossary Plugin

Name Directory

Firstly, we want to give you Name Directory. Most importantly, this module underpins you to embed glossaries for your site without any problem. Furthermore, because of it, you can insert the catalog in your WordPress default internet searcher. Since a language uphold is likewise remembered for this module, you can comprehend it capacities with no boundary.

Provided features:

  • Show/Hide title, description
  • Choose an amount of newest entries to show
  • Whether to jump to the name directory
  • Display a “Read more” link
  • Submitter name available
  • and more.


  • Simple and effective
  • Easy to use
  • Works well.

WordPress Tooltips

The second module we need to show you today is WordPress Tooltips. Above all, this module causes you fabricate a glossary, connect tooltips, sound tooltips, etc for your site essentially. Besides that, it is absolutely lightweight and simple to utilize. Further, it upholds you to embed any HTML content through WordPress standard WYSWYG editors, for example, video, sound, pdf download connection and the sky is the limit from there.

Provided features:

  • Show highlight color with a transition effect
  • Select glossary index page, by default
  • Show tooltips animation effects
  • Enable/disable Tooltip for images
  • Support tooltip categories
  • Create unlimited tooltips as much as you like
  • Setting tooltip Hook Priority Value
  • And more


  • Good Plugin
  • Great Support
  • Fantastic tooltip plugin

CM Tooltip Glossary

Thirdly, CM Tooltip Glossary is an ideal module you should look at. That is to say, it allows you to embed vast tooltips to your site or inside a glossary of terms. Also, you can uninhibitedly make reference books, word references, and a glossary that moreover gives momentous features. Additionally, you can show a tooltip comprising of the definition on the off chance that your clients drift over the specific term.

Provided features:

  • Adds tooltip as an anchor to predefined terms
  • Translates into any defined language
  • Add Wikipedia content to your site
  • Creates a knowledge base of definitions
  • Builds a lexicon of terms
  • and more.


  • Wonderful tool
  • Nice support.


Another module in this rundown is Glossary. Similarly other module, it grants you to make a glossary or word reference area for your site rapidly. Furthermore, you can bunch important definitions and afterward connects them to their relative term naturally. Furthermore, it is totally an extraordinary apparatus for you to improve the SEO and positioning of your site.

Provided Features:

  • Three tooltip templates support
  • Activate pages, archives, categories
  • Show a highlight or a tooltip on hover
  • Link terms to an internal/external location
  • And more.


  • Fantastic Product
  • Very useful
  • Great support.

WP Glossary

Fifthly, let investigate WP Glossary. This WordPress Glossary Plugin empowers you to create a glossary for your site progressively. Because of it, you can keep up your clients on your site and keep their experience predictable. Furthermore, you can show a rundown of glossary terms on your site beginning with a, b or c.

Provided features:

  • Build a glossary on your site
  • Link terms in your posts to the glossary
  • Keep your visitors on your site
  • Show a list of glossary terms starting with a, b or c


  • Great plugin
  • Very impressed
  • Excellent use


climate change glossary

climate change glossary is a decent module you should attempt. All in all, it presents to you a capacity to embed a rundown of glossary terms in the settings for your site. Moreover, this module likewise helps you to embed a basic glossary search structure between content with some straightforward shortcode. Numerous other ground-breaking highlights are additionally comprised of in this module.

Provided features:

  • Add a simple glossary search form between content
  • Include a list of glossary terms in the settings
  • A sidebar-widget that incorporates a search field
  • Show the short description of the term/phrase


  • Simple and fast to install and use
  • Useful

Factolex Glossary

Finally, Factolex Glossary is a great module you shouldn’t miss. In other words, it empowers you to utilize the information Factolex to depict the terms which you are utilizing in your posts and pages. Besides, you can place the glossary at any spot in your posts simply utilizing some basic shortcode. All terms and clarifications you picked are put away in the WordPress Database.

Provided features:

  • Describe terms you are using in your blog posts
  • Place the glossary anywhere in your post
  • Customize the definitions
  • Store selected terms in WordPress database


  • Nice support
  • Effective


In conclusion, we have listed Top 7 Wonderful WordPress Glossary Plugin In 2020. If you have any question, then don’t hesitate to leave our your comments. Furthermore, don’t forget to spend time and visit our site to access more Free WordPress Themes here.

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