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Come and choose the best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin for your site!

If you are finding a plugin to help you embed and display PDF files for your WordPress site, PDF Viewer Plugin can help you do it very quickly. Today, we provide you top best WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin including descriptions, provided features, and highlights that allow you to analyze clearly before making a decision. Let’s refer to our blog and decide the best one!

1. PDF Embedder

PDF Embedder grants you to move additionally as supplement PDF records into your site with no issue. Also, this module similarly requests that you measure PDF documents thusly to their trademark shape and size with the objective that it can save you a ton of time. It furthermore joins an incredible methodology for you to embed PDF records by strategies for Javascript.

Provided features:

  • Full-screen mode
  • Change page number to sway really to page
  • Download button in the toolbar
  • Unremitting look between pages
  • Hyperlinks are completely huge
  • Secure decision
  • Track number of downloads and viewpoints


  • Crucial yet convincing
  • Limit respectably taking everything into account
  • Extraordinary assistance


DK PDF is a PDF Viewer WordPress Plugin that gives you the choice of changing your WordPress pages and posts into PDF records just by utilizing an essential catch. Additionally, you can in like manner familiarize custom unbelievable styles with the PDF in like way as structure the header and footer of PDF and supplement custom CSS, custom logo, etc.

Provided features:

  • Wire PDF button in posts and pages
  • Sort out PDF header and footer
  • Wire custom logo, custom CSS and that is just the beginning
  • Duplicate module plans for PDF customizations
  • Various shortcodes
  • Add custom substance styles to the PDF


  • Ideal for modernized books
  • Work striking
  • Dire and faltering

3. WP Advanced PDF

WP Advanced PDF  is an unfathomable module that awards blog perusers to make PDF of posts of your regions. In like manner, you can have the decision to set a cutoff for PDF reports for clients who were chosen and a brief timeframe later show associates with all guests. You can set a solitary shot style in like way as development watermark works and photographs to make PDF records become mind boggling.

Provided features:

  • A pdf evacuate interface into your blog
  • Join the header logo to pdf.
  • Set a solitary shot style.
  • Circuit watermark substance and pictures
  • Re-attempt content styles of header and substance
  • Enough change edges, approach, and pages
  • Set a record name for pdf
  • Set default blog title for pdf


  • Unfathomable module
  • Totally suggested
  • Astounding

4. PDF & Print by BestWebSoft

PDF and Print by BestWebSoft is an astounding WordPress PDF Plugin that pulls in you to make PDF chronicles in like way as print them effectively and rapidly. In like manner, you can likewise have the decision to embed gets of PDF and print into your WordPress pages, gadgets, and posts.

Provided features:

  • Show information made by shortcodes
  • Breaker a title and included picture
  • Set catch type
  • Ordinarily join PDF and Print gets
  • Add gets to the contraption region
  • Wire gets by methods for shortcode
  • Set unbelievably included picture size
  • Set PDF report size
  • Additionally, that is only a trace of something more noteworthy


  • Surprising help
  • Shocking utility
  • Exceptionally Awesome

5. Google Doc Embedder

Google Doc Embedder attracts you to introduce a few sorts of records into your WP page including Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, PostScript, and various documents. Flexible neighborly solace for review PDFs and a wonderful translation to various remote countries are correspondingly consolidated that help you to have an away from of its ability.

Provided features:

  • A quick addition button shows up in post article chief
  • Supports everything from PDFs to Word docs and PSDs to OTFs
  • Changes over into ten interesting tongues
  • Adaptable welcoming convenience for study PDFs


  • Uncommon module
  • Huge
  • Unequivocally as forefront

6. PDF Viewer

PDF Viewer is a PDF Viewer WordPress Plugin which is verifiably not hard to use. This module attracts you to install a PDF report into your site with no issue. Furthermore, it is in like way absolutely uncommon with HTML5 and this module is constrained by Mozilla PDF.js content.

Provided features:

  • Present PDF report close by
  • HTML5-trustworthy
  • Obliged by Mozilla PDF.js content


  • Great
  • Consistent module
  • Complex

7. flowpaper

On the off chance that you are finding a free PDF watcher module, the flowpaper is a pro and thoroughly free one. By the righteousness of utilizing this module, you can present your PDF records, presents, flipbook likewise as magazines for your site perseveringly. Moreover, this module in like way has clear documentation with the target that you can get a handle on its capacity obviously.

Provided features:

  • Wellspring of the PDF you need to install
  • Set the point for the watcher
  • Power the watcher to just give one page by at that point
  • Set the header for the watcher
  • Open the watcher in a lightbox overlay
  • In addition, the sky is the limit starting there


  • Superb work
  • Nice
  • Unprecedented module

8. Embed PDF Viewer

Here is a speedy and lightweight WordPress PDF Viewer Plugin that licenses you to present a PDF from your media library into a thing tag or Google Doc Viewer like a fallback. Embed PDF Viewer is in like way flawless with multi-site and works wavering on any PDAs.

Provided features:

  • Works with multisite and on PDAs
  • Richly lightweight without any tricks
  • Does what it was made to do
  • world reachable affiliation


  • Historic PDF Viewer module
  • Essentially clear
  • Important


This is all of our collection today! We hope that it is useful for you. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible.

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