It may greatly increase its visual appeal and draw visitors to your WordPress website, by putting dazzling photo galleries on it. Many plugins are now available that can be easily integrated with Gutenberg to make stunning galleries, thanks to the advent of a new block editor in WordPress. In this blog entry, we are going to look at ten beautiful gallery plugins for the WP Gutenberg site that could take your visual presentation to an entirely new level.

List of 10 best WordPress Gutenberg Gallery Plugins

Gutenberg gallery plugins are ideal for creating image galleries in WordPress due to their user-friendly interface, wide customization options, responsive design, and mobile-friendly features. They seamlessly integrate with the Gutenberg block editor, allowing easy image addition, rearrangement, and customization. These plugins also prioritize performance, ensuring fast loading times and optimal browsing experience for visitors.

Envira Gallery

Envira Gallery is a powerful and user-friendly plugin that allows you to create beautiful galleries with ease. It offers a drag-and-drop interface, various gallery templates, and numerous customization options. With features like responsive design and lazy loading, Envira Gallery ensures your galleries look stunning on any device.

NextGEN Gallery

One of the most popular plugins for your WordPress gallery is NextGEN Gallery. It’s an intuitive interface that allows you to build wonderful galleries in a couple of clicks. It offers a range of features, such as thumbnail panoramas, Slideshow options, and integration with Social Sharing. The functionalities of the online store are also supported by NextGEN Gallery, which is ideal for photographers and artists who wish to sell their work.


You can create visually appealing and responsive galleries with Modula, which is a highly configurable gallery plugin. You can easily organize your images and customize their appearance using its drag-and-drop builder. Advanced features, such as the hover effect, integration with Lightbox, and password protection in galleries are also offered by Modula.


FooGallery is a flexible and feature-rich gallery plugin, which works seamlessly with Gutenberg. They provide a range of gallery templates, e.g. responsive grids, masonry layouts, and polaroid-style galleries. You can add Captions, Social Sharing Buttons, and Custom CSS to enhance your customizations in FooGallery.

Photo Gallery by WD

A complete gallery plugin, Photo Gallery by WD offers a wide range of options for creating magnificent image galleries. The gallery offers a variety of layout options, including thumbnails, masonry, and blog style. You can easily change images, add watermarks, and enable image commenting with its drag-and-drop builder.

Meow Gallery

With a focus on simplicity and performance, the Meow Gallery plugin is an extremely compact and beautiful gallery. This is a fully integrated application with Gutenberg, offering numerous gallery styles such as masonry, justifications, and grid layout. Lazy loading and advanced options for speed optimization of image loading are also available in the Meow Gallery.

Justified Image Grid

A gallery plugin that helps create beautiful and responsive galleries using a justified grid is the Justified Images Grid. It gives you advanced options for control of image aspect ratios, spacing, and customizations. In addition, the Justified Image Grid also enables you to quickly find photos from sources such as Instagram and Flickr by integrating easily with existing social media platforms.

Gallery by Supsystic

Gallery by Supsystic gives you a lot of customizability choices to make visually stunning galleries. In addition to masonry, slider, and carousel layouts, it offers a variety of gallery templates. You may make interactive and interesting galleries using Gallery by Supsystic’s built-in lightbox and picture-filtering tools.

GridKit Portfolio Gallery

A strong plugin made exclusively for making portfolio galleries is called GridKit Portfolio Gallery. It provides a variety of grid layouts, filtering choices, and sophisticated design options. GridKit Portfolio Gallery guarantees that your portfolio looks amazing on all devices thanks to its responsive design and retina-ready features.


The 10 beautiful plugins give you a variety of features and customization options to meet your particular needs, about the creation of a spectacular image gallery in WordPress Gutenberg. These plugins can help you enhance the visual attractiveness of your website, making it more inviting for visitors, whether they are photographers and artists or just want to present their work visually appealingly.

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