Looking for a way to give your WordPress site’s navigation menu a fresh and unique look? The Gutenberg menu block plugin is here to help! With the native block editor in WordPress, you can now customize your website’s menus without using any additional code.

But, with so many Gutenberg menu block plugins available in the market, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the best WordPress Gutenberg menu block plugins that you can use to make your website stand out from the crowd. So, let’s dive in and see which ones made our top list!

How to Choose the Best WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block Plugin?

When it comes to selecting the best WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block Plugin, users should consider several factors that suit their requirements. Firstly, users should look for plugins that offer a wide range of customization options. These options should include features like menu item alignment, borders, colors, fonts, and much more. Additionally, users should opt for Gutenberg blocks that support responsive design, so their websites can be optimized for mobile devices.

Lastly, it’s crucial to select plugins that are user-friendly and easy to navigate, so the process of designing a website appears effortless. By taking these factors into account, users can choose the best WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block Plugin that fits their needs and helps them create a professional-looking website.

6+ Best WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block You Should Use


GutenVerse is specially designed to extend the functionality of the Gutenberg page builder. This plugin comes with tons of basic and advanced blocks, including a menu block, which can be used to create stunning and functional menus for your website. In addition, it allows you to create a nav menu with a background, or even a nav menu with a hover background.

There are plenty of useful customization options, including the ability to choose fonts, colors, and spacing. You can also add icons to your menu items to make the theme more visually appealing. While GutenVerse is not solely focused on menu blocks, it is a great plugin for those who want to have a variety of Gutenberg blocks at their disposal. Hence, you can install this plugin, if you want to have a better experience with Gutenberg.

Main features:


  • 45+ easy-to-use Gutenberg blocks, including menu block
  • Plenty of beautiful template library
  • Global color & Font Variable
  • Live responsive editing
  • Amazing pair with block themes

WordPress Mega Menu Block

It is clear that WordPress Mega Menu Block is a free Gutenberg plugin that provides a mega menu block, which is a great solution for those who want to create advanced and customizable menus for their website. The plugin is developed by MotoPress, a popular WordPress developer, and it’s compatible with any WordPress theme that supports the Gutenberg editor.

The Mega Menu Block is highly customizable and offers a range of options to design your menus the way you want them. With this plugin, you can create horizontal and vertical menus, add icons, images, and descriptions to your menu items, and customize the colors and fonts of your menu.

WordPress Mega Menu Block also offers responsive design options, which means that your menus will look great on any device, whether it’s a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Main features:

  • Mega menu block
  • Responsive design
  • Customization options
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with any theme
  • Developer-friendly

Max Mega Menu

Max Mega Menu is a popular WordPress plugin that provides a powerful and customizable mega menu solution for your website. While Max Mega Menu is not a Gutenberg-specific plugin, it offers a Gutenberg block that can be easily integrated into your Gutenberg editor.

The Max Mega Menu Gutenberg block provides a range of features, including the ability to create horizontal and vertical menus, add icons, images, and descriptions to your menu items, and customize the colors, fonts, and layout of your menu.

One of the strengths of Max Mega Menu is its user-friendly interface. It provides a drag-and-drop menu builder that allows you to easily create and customize your menus without needing any coding skills.

Main features:

  • Builds upon the standard WordPress menus system
  • Restores the Appearance > Menus screen in “full site editing” themes
  • Supports multiple menu locations each with their own configuration
  • Off-canvas (slide in from left or right) or standard drop-down mobile menu
  • Organize your sub-menu content into rows and columns using the Grid Layout builder
  • Display WordPress Widgets in your menu
  • Fully customize the styling of your menus using the built-in theme editor

Restaurant Menu and Food Ordering

Restaurant Menu and Food Ordering is a WordPress plugin that provides a comprehensive solution for creating and managing restaurant menus and food orders on your website. While it’s not specifically a Gutenberg menu block plugin, it provides shortcodes that can be easily integrated into your Gutenberg editor or any other WordPress editor.

With Restaurant Menu and Food Ordering, you can create and manage your restaurant menu, including food items, prices, descriptions, and images. You can also add customization options for your menu items, such as size, toppings, and sides. The plugin also provides a range of customization options to help you design and style your menu to match your website’s branding.

The food ordering functionality of the plugin allows you to receive and manage orders directly on your website. Customers can add items to their cart, customize their order, and submit their orders for processing. You can manage your orders from your WordPress dashboard and receive notifications when new orders are placed.

Main features:

  • Complete menu item presentation
  • Simplified or detailed view of menu items.
  • Categorically-organized lists of meals, food, and drinks; plus child categories with descriptions.
  • Grid and list layouts
  • The category and single menu item page
  • Specific menu items highlight with the plugin or custom icons
  • Individual menu items are displayed under different categories
  • and much more


Getwid is a great WordPress Gutenberg Menu Block plugin that we would like to recommend. This plugin is famous for its various Gutenberg blocks, including a price list block that allows you to create restaurant menu prices or a table of contents with adjustable headings, dotted lines, colors, and images.

By using the Advanced Heading block, you can create headings for your menu items and customize their font, size, color, and other properties. The Button block can be used to create menu buttons, such as “Order Now” or “View Menu.” The Icon block allows you to add icons to your menu items to make them more visually appealing. The Image Box block can be used to add images to your menu items or create a menu section with images and text.

Main features:

  • A bunch of useful Gutenberg blocks
  • Extensive attributes for each block
  • Real-time customization
  • Works great with any WordPress theme
  • Seamless interplay with the core Gutenberg blocks

Food Menu

If you are going to build a restaurant website, then Food menu is a perfect solution for your website. It allows you to create and manage restaurant menus on your website. Although it doesn’t come with Gutenbegr menu block, you can display menu on your website via shortcodes.

Additionally, it allows you to customize and categorize your menu items to make it easier for your customers to find what they’re looking for. The plugin also provides a range of customization options to help you design and style your menu to match your website’s branding. Last but not least, this plugin integrates with plenty of popular WordPress page builders such as Gutenberg, Elementor, WP Bakery.

Main features:

  • Fully Responsive
  • Display All Food items, Multiple or Single Categories in a
  • Page/Post
  • Currency select option
  • Custom meta fields
  • Custom CSS option
  • ShortCode
  • Custom Detail Page template

Wrap up

The use of Gutenberg Menu Block Plugins for WordPress can definitely enhance the usability and functionality of your website. With its wide range of features and functionalities, it can help you create stunning menus and improve the overall user experience. Hopefully, you can choose a suitable solution for your website.

Moreover, if you are going to build your website with Gutenberg editor, don’t miss a list of stunning, free Gutenberg themes on our website.