WordPress Pinterest Plugin is one of the top traffic-driving platforms for many bloggers and online businesses. If you are not making the best use of Pinterest, you are probably losing on a huge potential customer base!

Now let’s talk about some of the best WordPress Pinterest Plugin that will help you to integrate Pinterest into your website. They come with different options to configure and customize your pins and pinboards. In doing so, we have only added the ones that we think are the best in terms of functionality, ease of use, and performance.

1. Image Pinning by BestWebSoft

Picture Pinning module is a useful social course of action which incorporates Pinterest Save button, Follow catch, and contraptions (Pin, Board, Profile) to your WordPress site. Module has clear settings and fuses shortcodes. Also, using this module is straightforward. You will get all out foundation and plan direction with no cost.

Provides Feature: 

  • Normally incorporate Save button
  • Normally incorporate Follow button
  • Incorporate Pinterest gets through a shortcode, Pinterest contraption
  • Set the custom language for the “Extra” button
  • Pick Pin device size
  • Set Board and Profile device


  • Straightforward
  • Effecient
  • Unimaginable assistance

2. Add Follow Button For Pintrest

Pinterest follow button is an essential and engaging module licenses WordPress blogger to show up at it most outrageous enthusiasts on his Pinterest account. Customers make and offer the collections of visual bookmarks as sheets. Sheets are made through a customer picking a thing, page, site, etc.

Provides Feature: 

  • Pinterest Follow Button
  • Pinterest Follow Button Widget Settings
  • Movable Widget Title
  • Follow Button Size
  • Different Follow Button For Different Pinterest Accounts


  • Easy to use
  • Wonderful
  • Staggering module

3. Pinterest Pinboard Widget

If you have to show pins in any of the widgetized zones of your site with a comparable look and feel of Pinterest, this device module will help you with accomplishing that. It is a direct and easy to-use module that goes with an internal store structure.

Provides Feature: 

  • Adds your favorite pins much like the pinboards
  • The pins are cached every 15 minute
  • Page using the shortcode
  • Widget in your sidebar


  • easy to use
  • Modern
  • Great support

4. Pinterest “Pin It” Button

This WordPress Pinterest plugin is one of the most widely used free Pinterest WordPress plugins. It’s a very simple and easy-to-use plugin that will help you to put a Pin It button on your posts quickly. It offers you useful options like pre-selecting an image for your users to pin and offering flexibility for your users to select the image while sharing your blog post.

Provides Feature: 

  • Let the reader select an image when pinning
  • Pre-select an image for the reader to pin
  • Default to the first image in the post
  • Specify a specific image to pin per post
  • Pick from official “Pin It” button colors and sizes
  • Hide the “Pin It” button on specific posts and pages
  • Add a “Pin It” button to your sidebar or footer as a widget
  • Place “Pin It” buttons anywhere using shortcodes


  • Great plugin
  • Nice
  • Effective

5. Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post

Offer a chance the Pinterest Pin It module to stick your blog passages, pictures, pages, etc to your Pinterest board. You can show or hide your pins through your module settings. The module also permits you to engage or weaken the Pin IT button that appears in the wake of gliding over your photos.

Provides Feature: 

  • Portray Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover
  • Show Pinterest Pin It Button In Post
  • Show Pinterest Pin It Button In Page
  • Pinterest Pin It Button Settings
  • Flexible Button Color On Hover
  • Flexible Button Size On Hover
  • Multilingual – Translatable in Any Language


  • Easy to use
  • Clear
  • Extraordinary assistance

6. Pinterest Pin It Button for Images

This is an average catch and is in like manner astoundingly charming. This module gives a Pin It button at whatever point the visitor floats the mouse cursor on a particular picture. A Pin IT button shows up when it does, and becomes dull when the cursor is cleared. It is a simple technique for drawing the thought of the customer, adequately just to incite intrigue and light up them that something is going on with the image.

Provides Feature: 

  • Structure 1.1 with glossy new features
  • Another front-end and a prevalent engine
  • Different settings
  • Can be changed on a wide scope of levels


  • Radiant
  • Remarkable module
  • Not too bad

7. Pretty Pinterest Pins


This is a clear free Pinterest WordPress module that will push you to include your latest pins with thumbnails and associations so you can interface your site and your Pinterest account together. You can show off your pins in the sidebar of your site or on some other widgetized region of your site.

Provides Feature: 

  • Perfect and Modern Look (like Pinterest)
  • Looks remarkable on light and dull establishments
  • Captions scale and look wonderful with a long or short book
  • Semantic HTML
  • Easy to Install


  • Clean
  • Unfathomable assistance
  • Current

8. PI Button

PI Button is a component rich free Pinterest Plugin for WordPress. The foundation system of this module isn’t jumbled; even the utilization is unnecessarily fundamental. Plus, the “AccessPress Pinterest module” has the choice to incorporate the Pinterest button with the help of shortcode on your blog pages, and additionally allows you to use this module as devices.

Provides Feature: 

  • Pin it button for pictures
  • Configuration (size, shape)
  • Concealing customization
  • Language assurance
  • Follow Pinterest button for site
  • Pinboard contraptions
  • Pinterest profile contraption
  • And more


  • Fundamental
  • Very lovely
  • Phenomenal assistance

9. Weblizar Pin Feeds

Weblizar Pin Feeds is particularly easy to set up and the accommodating module, has both shortcode and contraption options. Make your substance’s social reach to the accompanying level. You can make your substance, social reach, and get a hundred times more watchers by using this module. Presenting and structuring this one is amazingly straightforward for its straightforward UI. You will get both contraption and shortcode to get Pinterest value inside your site through this.

Provides Feature: 

  • Pinterest Profile
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Get All noteworthy yields of your Pinterest profile, Pins
  • Shortcode and devices territory
  • Responsive dashboard structure with Live survey
  • Easy to use straightforward interface
  • Multilingual and Translation Ready


  • Neighborly
  • Responsive
  • Convincing


We have already introduced for you top 9 WordPress Pinterest Plugin in 2020 for you. You can try and use the material to develop your business right now. If you think it’s good, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Moreover, you can get more free WordPress Theme to make your site become more impressive. Thank for your reading.


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